A key area of focus at Hatfield Studios is creating a lifestyle for students that provides for a healthy balance between their academic needs and purpose on the one hand and their social and community needs on the other.

The development of this balanced lifestyle has been developed in conjunction with the students and UP. The social and cultural philosophy is established in Hatfield Studios through the initiatives undertaken by the Head of Residence, Nerene Grobler.

Some of the student life and student affairs in Hatfield Studios undertaken in 2017 include:

  1. Integration with on-campus activities as far as possible;
  2. Sporting events;
  3. Social functions and get-togethers;
  4. Facilitate various societies and clubs, including religious groups
  5. Facilitate study and tutorial groups;
  6. Create a forum for advertising of temp or part-time employment opportunities; and
  7. Provide access to various personal support and counseling structures, such as Life Line and other counseling services.

We strive to promote a positive student community lifestyle in Hatfield Studios. This means being able to provide students to access these opportunities to create a positive living experience at Hatfield Studios.

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